29th International Congress of The Transplantation Society (TTS 2022) | Buenos Aires - Argentina | September 10-14, 2022


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    a pulsating, passionate, cosmopolitan city


    a pulsating, passionate, cosmopolitan city

Over the years, Buenos Aires has been variously described as the Paris of the Southern hemisphere, an elegant and enigmatic city, a teeming metropolis of football, tango, and passion. It is all of these, and more, just waiting for you to discover, experience, and enjoy.

Buenos Aires is a pulsating, passionate, cosmopolitan city. The combination of rich architectural and cultural heritage, modern creative energy, electric nightlife, unique traditions, a vibrant arts scene, extensive parks, warm, friendly hosts and spectacular cuisine makes it one of the world’s most exciting capitals. There are dozens of reasons to visit, but perhaps the biggest attraction is the city's people. No matter how long you stay, you're bound to make friends and feel at home. Porteños, as the city's residents are called, are warm, friendly and talk for hours over a dinner or a drink. Expect to be engaged in conversations on all topics, to be invited to try mate, the local infusion and a social ritual in itself, to receive help whenever you need it, and to be always made to feel welcome.

While you are there, why not extend your stay and visit some of the innumerable natural wonders of this vast country: Iguazú Falls, Patagonia and the Andes, the glaciers of Santa Cruz, Mendoza wine country, the lunar vistas of Salta, to only name a meager few.

For extensive tourist information on visiting Buenos Aires, visit the city’s website.

Practical facts

Getting There
Buenos Aires is served by two major airports:
  • Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Ezeiza (EZE):
    The biggest airport in Argentina is located in Ezeiza, 32km (20 miles) from the city center. Most long-haul international flights arrive and depart from here, along with some domestic and regional flights. The journey from the airport to the city takes about 50 minutes.

  • Jorge Newbery Airport, known as Aeroparque (AEP):
    Located in the city itself, in the Palermo neighbourhood, this airport is within 25 minutes of the main hotels in Buenos Aires. It serves mainly domestic flights and flights to neighbouring countries.

Taxis are readily available at both airports, but comfortable and affordable private transfers can be booked in advance or on arrival. Tienda León also runs buses from Ezeiza airport to its base in Puerto Madero, in the center of Buenos Aires.

Currency and Exchange

Argentina's national currency is the Argentine peso. Note that it has the same symbol ($) as the US dollar and other dollar currencies. Don't be confused - prices expressed using the $ symbol are in Argentine pesos unless stated otherwise. US dollars are usually referred to using the symbol: U$S.

Most hotels and many large shops and other businesses accept payment by card but some smaller businesses as well as taxis only accept cash. Keep small bills and change handy for taxi rides.

It is easy to obtain local currency in Buenos Aires at casas de cambio (bureaux de change/currency exchanges) and at most banks - note that you'll need to provide ID when changing money. Do not exchange currency on the black market.

Local currency can also be obtained from cash machines (ATMs) throughout the city. Cash machines operate 24 hours a day and accept all major international cards. It is advisable to exchange or withdraw small amounts at a time, since you are only permitted to change back $100 US to your original currency.

Mid-September ushers in spring, so you may expect some light rain and daytime temperatures around the 18⁰C mark.

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